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TDL Trials: Test and sample information

TDL offers an extensive library of pathology tests and services, which we are developing continuously, and we have  a firm commitment to service, strong working relationships and support.

Our range of tests and services are available online in our A–Z Pathology listings. If you are not able to find details for a specific test or service, please contact 020 7307 7373 to find out more.  

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Helpful information

Many of our analytical services are run 24/7, but not all tests or departments operate throughout the night, weekends, or bank holidays.

Outside of routine hours, our night team provides a wide range of analytical services, although not all tests will be run as standard. No surcharges are made unless there are special arrangements for courier collections, or investigations requiring additional resources are required.

Sample packing

All samples must be packed to avoid container breakage, sample loss and contamination through leakage. Samples should be packed inside leak-proof bags or containers. Sending sharps to the laboratory is strictly prohibited. Histology samples should contain no more than 5 litres of the appropriate fixative (usually 10% neutral buffered Formalin). Clients should be aware of their responsibilities for the correct package of samples for transport receipt in the laboratory.

Batch Box

To complement the range of highly specialised testing and services offered by TDL Trials, Batch Box is a solution for study, research and archive samples. It offers: 

  • Batched Sample Analysis – low or high numbers
  • Rapid Turnaround Times
  • Bespoke Courier Network
  • Routing and Esoteric Assay Range
  • Competitive Prices
  • Data Management/Electronic Reporting Options