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TDL Postal Pathology

Postal pathology services should be considered by all practices in the UK who need a rapid delivery service to the laboratory as it is a quick and efficient method of sample return, which causes little to no disruption to the patient. Royal Mail require that ALL pathology postal packs are sent using Tracked 24 returns. This provides a particularly suitable method of transport for any healthcare organisation. Royal Mail postal pathology with Tracked 24 returns provides:

  • Simple and convenient sample handling throughout the UK for most tests. It is not suitable for samples that need to be received within 24 hours of sample taking (e.g. coagulation, Quantiferon TBQ).
  • Scope for large and small numbers of samples.
  • Next morning delivery.
  • Allows patients and practices to track samples to the Distribution Office through the Royal Mail system.
  • Samples can be posted from any Royal Mail post box.
  • There is a charge of £3.36 for each Royal Mail Tracked 24 pack. This charge will be itemised in monthly invoices to the practice or patient, as requested.