VacutainerAnticoagulantCapacitySample types
Lavender EDTA 4ml /10ml*
Gold SST/Gel 3.5ml, 5ml
Light Blue Citrate 4.5ml
Red None 6ml
Grey Fluoride oxalate 2ml, 4ml
Green Lithium heparin 6ml
Dark Blue Sodium heparin 7ml
Streck Cyto-chex BCT Vacutainers for lymphocyte subsets (CD3/CD4/CD8) (stable for up to 7 days).
They are not suitable for other CD markers.
Blood culture bottle: contact laboratory BC
Contact laboratory for advice on sample taking J
Test by appointment X
Random faeces RF
Faecal collection LF
Random urine RU
Frst Catch Random Urine (for DL12/Chlamydia, etc.) FCRU
30ml aliquot from a 24-hour urine collection – state total volume CU
30ml aliquot from a 24-hour urine collection with 10ml of 0.1N hydrochloric acid added – state total volume PU
Early Morning Urine (1st sample of the day) EMU
Sterile 60ml container SC
Cytyc Thin Prep Vial TPV
Orange/Blue swab for culture – swab in transport medium STM
Black charcoal swab CS
Green viral swab VS
PCR swab for Chlamydia/PCR Infection Screening PCR
Tap/bottled water mouth wash – 20mls MW
Amniotic fluid (5mls PCR – 10mls Karyotype) AF
Chorionic villus (medium provided by laboratory) CVS
Urine cytology container UCYT

* 10ml EDTA tubes are used for specific PCR assays.