Immunocap ISAC

From November 2015, the updated microarray, for Immunocap ISAC is now available. Very small amounts (30 microlitres) of serum or plasma are needed for multiplex measurement of IgE antibodies to a fixed panel of 112 allergen components from 51 sources in a single test. Results are presented in a structured report which include guiding comments to help with interpretation. 


ISAC testing seems to be helpful for complex cases, such as multi-sensitised
patients or for those where there has been unsatisfactory response to treatment.
Most allergic patients have positive test results to numerous allergens and the true course of symptoms can be difficult to identify; ISAC testing is able to provide useful and refined information in most cases, either revealing potential risk for severe food related reactions, identifying the IgE antibody profile in patients with unsatisfactory response to treatment, or assessing patients with idiopathic anaphylaxis.


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Clinical Brochure Wheel


TestCodeSample TypeTurnaround Time
Immunocap ISAC ISAC B SST/Serum or
B TDL Tiny
3 days