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Rabies Antibody

Rapid Strep (incl. m/c/s)

Recurrent Miscarriage Profile (female)

Reducing Substances (Stool)

Reducing Substances (Urine)

Renal Calculi Screen (Metabolic)

Renal Stone Analysis


Reproductive Immunophenotype Panel

Respiratory Samples

Respiratory Synctial Virus

Respiratory Viral Screen

Reticulocyte Count

Retinol Binding Protein

Retrograde Ejaculation

Reverse T3

Rheumatoid Factor (Latex Test)

Rheumatology Profile 1 (Screen)

Rheumatology Profile 2 (Connective tissue)

Rheumatology Profile 3 (Rheumatoid/Basic)

Rheumatology Profile 4 (Systemic Lupus)

Rheumatology Profile 5 (Mono Arthritis)

Rheumatology Profile 6 (Rheumatoid Plus)

Rheumatology Profile 7 (Srogren’s syndrome)

Rhinitis Provoking Profile

Rickettsial Species Antibody Profile



Rotavirus in Stool by PCR

RPR (Syphilis)



Rubella Antibody (IgG)

Rubella Antibody (IgM)

Rubella Avidity

Rubella Virus – RNA by PCR