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N. Gonorrhoea

Nail Clippings

Natural Killer Profile 1

Natural Killer Profile 2

Needle Stick Injury Profile

Neisseria Gonorrhoea – DNA

Neurological Viral Screen

Neuronal Antibody (Hu, Ri, Yo, Cv2, Ma2)

Neurone Specific Enolase

Newborn Screening Panel

Nickel (Serum)

Nickel (Urine)

NK (CD69) and NK Cytotoxicity

NK (CD69) cell Assay

NK Assay Follow-Up Panel

NK Assay Panel + Intralipids

NK Assay/Cytotoxicity Panel

NK Cytotoxicity Assay

NK Cytotoxicity w.suppression, steroid, IVIg & Intralipin

NK Cytotoxicity with suppression with steroid, IVIg and intralipin, and NK (CD69) cell assay

NMDA Receptor Antibodies

NMP22 (Bladder tumour)

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing – common aneuploidy screening from maternal blood


Norovirus (Norwalk-Like Virus) by PCR

Nucleic Acid Antigen Antibodies