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Identity Profile (DNA) – 15 STR markers

IgE (Total)

IGF-1 (Somatomedin)


IgG Subclasses


Immune Function Evaluation (Total)


Immunoglobulin A

Immunoglobulin D

Immunoglobulin E – Total

Immunoglobulin G

Immunoglobulin M

Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM, IgA)

Impotence Profile

Infliximab Level and Antibodies

Influenza Screen

Inhibin A

Inhibin B

Inner Ear Antigen (Ottoblot)



Insulin Antibodies

Insulin Resistance (Fasting)

Insulin-Like Growth Factor 2


Interferon – Alpha

Interferon – Gamma

Interleukin 1 Beta

Interleukin 2

Interleukin 4

Interleukin 6

Interleukin 8

Interleukin 10

Interleukin 28b Genotype

Intrinsic Factor Antibodies

Iodide – Urine

Iodine – Serum

Ionised Calcium

Iron (TIBC included)

Iron Overload Profile

Iron Status Profile

ISAC Panel

Islet Cell Antibodies

Isocyanates – Urine

IUCD for Culture