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Factor II Assay

Factor II Prothrombin – G20210A mutation

Factor V Leiden – G1691A mutation

Factor V Assay

Factor VII Assay

Factor VIII Assay

Factor VIII Inhibiting Antibody

Factor IX Assay

Factor IX Inhibiting Antibody

Factor X Assay

Factor Xa (Heparin)

Factor XI Assay

Factor XII Assay

Factor XIII Assay

Faecal Elastase

Faecal Fat (1 Day Collection)

Faecal Fat (3 day)

Faecal Lactoferrin

Faecal Occult Blood/FOB (immunochemical/FIT)

Faecal Sugar Chromatography

Faecal Trypsin

Faecal Urobilinogen

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia – comprehensive LDLR + APOB + PCSK9 + LDLRAP1 sequencing

Farmers Lung Precipitins

Fasciola Hepatica Antibodies (Liver Fluke)

Fast Chlamydia Swab

Fast Chlamydia Urine

Fast CT/GC Rectal Swab

Fast CT/GC Swab

Fast CT/GC Throat Swab

Fast CT/GC Urine

Fast Gonorrhoea Swab

Fast Gonorrhoea Urine

Fast Screen Short

Fast Screen Short with Swab

Fast Screen Swab

Fast Screen Urine

Fat Globules in Faeces

Female Hormone Profile



Fibrotest (Liver Fibrosis)

Filaria (Lymphatic and Non-Lymphatic) Antibodies

First Trimester Antenatal Screen

Fish Components

FK506 (Tacrolimus/Prograf)

Flecainide (Tambocor)

Fluid Culture

Fluid Cytology

Fluid for Crystals

Fluoride (Urine)

Fluoxetine (Prozac)

Folate (Red Cell)

Folate (Serum)

Food Handler Screen 1

Food Handler Screen 2

Food Handler Screen 3

Free Cortisol (Urine)

Free Fatty Acids

Free T3

Free T4


Fructose – Plasma


Full Blood Count

Fungal ID + Sens