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TDL Genetics laboratory

TDL Genetics is a consultant-led service which is able to provide extensive expertise in the testing, diagnosis and genetic counselling of inherited disorders. Genetic tests are performed on DNA for molecular genetic analysis and on whole chromosomes for cytogenetic analysis. Some tests are part of profiles that can be linked with assays from other TDL disciplines, such as biochemistry and haematology, to give more comprehensive results for the patient.

Genetic tests are available for:

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Genetic testing is sometimes complex and tests will vary in their ability to detect mutations or to detect all patients who have, or will develop, the disease. Some tests are diagnostic for a condition, others are indicative or are associated with an altered risk for a condition. Results can affect the lives of individuals and have implications for their family, for insurance and employment. Where testing will predict the inheritance of a disease in a healthy person, counselling and consent are mandatory. For these tests, please complete the Genetic Request form at the back of the laboratory guide (including informed consent). Our service provides result interpretation and risk assessment to patients and their family members. Genetic counselling can be arranged by TDL’s Consultant Clinical Geneticist.

To meet the increasing range and complexity of genetic testing we have developed an excellent collaboration with other specialist laboratories. Tests marked GENE are sent to these laboratories within our network and have a fixed price. GENE panel composition may change throughout the year to reflect new and improved developments. Turnaround times may be longer if follow-up studies are required.

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Specimen Receipt at The Doctors Laboratory is 24 hours a day. Specifically, TDL Genetics results service is available Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm with the laboratory also open for processing of samples on Saturdays from 9.00am - 1.00pm.

Test codes, sample requirement codes, turnaround times, and prices may be found on the following pages. All samples must be collected in the specified containers, as shown in the key at the back of the laboratory guide. Samples should be fresh and in good condition (e.g. not clotted if EDTA or heparinised whole blood is required) otherwise testing may be adversely affected and another sample may be required. Small DNA samples are stored routinely for one year, larger DNA samples can be stored by special arrangement.

Instructions for transportation, sample labelling, and the completion of request forms can be found on the inside cover of the TDL Genetics Request and Consent Forms pad.

The locations of the Laboratory and Patient Reception are indicated on the map on the reverse of each request form. If you do not find the test you require in this directory or need more information and advice please telephone the laboratory on 020 7307 7409.


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TDL GENETICS External Accreditation


  • Constitutional Cytogenetics
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (includes Haemochromatosis, HLA B27 and HLA identification)
  • Thrombophilia


  • Y chromosome microdeletions


  • Paternity testing


Key Personnel


Consultant Clinical Geneticist
Prof. Michael Patton
Tel: 020 7307 7409


Head of Cytogenetics
Rebecca Watts
Tel: 020 7307 7319


Senior Cytogeneticist
Kath Masters
Tel: 020 7307 7409


Cytogenetics Operations Manager
Emma Wilcock
Tel: 020 7307 7409
Email: emma.wilcock@tdlpathology


Postnatal Lab Manager
Allison Daffern
Tel: 020 7307 7409


Director of Genetic Services
Dr Lisa Levett
Tel: 020 7307 7409


Head of Molecular Genetics
Dr Stuart Liddle
Tel: 020 7307 7409


* For full information about Amnio PCR testing, see


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