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The cytology laboratory provides a rapid service for liquid based gynaecological samples. Urine cytology is performed in house while other non-gynaecological cytology samples are referred to a CPA accredited laboratory for processing. Human papilloma virus, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea testing is carried out routinely from the Thinprep vial and can be requested at the time of smear taking or up to three weeks post sampling. Fine needle aspirates can be arranged by contacting the head of department.

Additional testing from the vial is ideally requested at the time of taking the sample and detailed on the patient Request Form. Alternatively requests for Thin Prep Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea or Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can be made after the laboratory has received the sample.  TDL will store the vial for 3 weeks during which time add on requests can be made.


Key personnel and Contact numbers

Margaret Morgan
Laboratory Manager
Tel: 020 7307 7323


Dr Colin Clelland
Consultant Cytopathologist
Tel: 020 7460 4851

Mrs Bernadette Shaw
Deputy Manager
Tel: 020 7460 4851


Dr Mary Falzon
Consultant Cytopathologist
Tel: 020 7460 4851


General Enquiries
Tel: 020 7307 7373


Departmental Fax
Fax: 0207 460 4826


Results Line
Tel: 020 7307 7373


Laboratory hours

The laboratory is open between 9.00am and 6.00pm. Out of hours results are available on 020 7307 7373.


Urgent samples

It is helpful if requests for urgent samples can be discussed with the Cytology Manager.

Use of service/Information required

Request forms that include the patient’s name and date of birth (and hospital number for hospital cases) need to accompany each sample. This form needs to include appropriate clinical information including the LMP for gynaecological samples. Tick boxes are provided to assist you.


The specimen container also needs to be clearly labelled with patient details. Forms and samples which are mismatched will result in the sample being returned to the sender for correction and will delay to the report turn around time.

Clinical advice

The department is consultant led, with clinical advice and support available by contacting the Consultants through the Cytology Department Manager. All abnormal samples are referred for final assessment and reporting by a Consultant Cytopathologist or Consultant BMS (Advanced Practitioner). Advice regarding technical detail of the service and for particular tests is available from the Cytology manager.

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