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Information for Referring Practitioners arranging Sperm DNA Fragmentation
or Aneuploidy Analysis at TDL

Please make an APPOINTMENT for ALL Sperm Analyses

Ask your patient to phone directly, or please arrange an appointment for him, on this telephone number:

020 7025 7940

It may be necessary to give patients who attend without an appointment a specific time to re-attend.

  • Please complete a request form for your patient to bring to reception.
  • Ideally, patients need 2-3 days sexual abstinence for the test, but not less than 2 days and not more than 5 days. Patients who are non-compliant will need to reschedule their appointment.
  • Patients should attend Wimpole Street for these tests. It is not recommended that patients produce samples off-site, as sperm DNA may be affected if the sample is not processed within a relatively short period of time after sperm production.  If your patient may have difficulty producing a sample at Wimpole Street, please telephone the laboratory on the telephone number above for special instructions.
  • Please note that a minimum sperm count of 1 million/ml ejaculate is required to perform the test. If your patient has insufficient sperm on the day of the test, he will be asked to return up to a further 2 times for him to attempt to meet the minimum required sperm count.
  • Patients requiring more than one test may have insufficient sperm to process all the tests from one sample. In this case, the patient will be asked to return another day to produce a second sample.
  • Patient reception is at 76 Wimpole Street, London W1G 9RT.
  • Results for a sperm DNA fragmentation or aneuploidy test will usually be reported within 3 – 4 weeks

If you have any queries, please call Dr Sheryl Homa at the Andrology Laboratory on 020 7025 7940.